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Posted Sat, Oct 20, 2007 at 5:43pm by Scott
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I have a feed... Two in fact. Put simply, pages like Bloglines, Google Reader, etc can now subscribe to this page.

I spent most of last night (6pm till 1am although half of this was fixing fixing various bugs for other parts of the site) and today (10 till 3) working on getting two feeds together. The easy one was the RSS feed (edit 26 Oct: now removed as Atom is more flexible). I got that completed just after midnight and spent a little while just fine-tuning it.

The slightly more interesting one was the Atom feed. I had quite some trouble getting this one to behave with Firefox trying everything from downloading it to attempting to display as a webpage to simply showing the document structure. It was only after uploading to one of my test servers and running it through the Feed Validator that I noticed I had spelt the namespace wrongly.

Feeds are currently generated nightly so the atom feed linked above won't be present until sometime overnight. Similarly, any posts I make during the day won't hit the feeds for several hours. If there is demand, I might increase how often the feed is updated.

Links to the feeds are available on the bottom of each blog page, in the address bar for Firefox or the (hopefully) now orange feed icon next to the home icon in IE7.

As I was thinking previously, I've also moved the blog to the "front" of the website. Unfortunately there were a few minor problems but work-arounds were hacked together.

On a different note, I need to head across to the other side of the city for the second (and final) practical on Monday.

Edit @ 6:30pm - I suppose now I need to really consider a proper title to these pages rather than just "Blog" so the title on feed is actually relevant ;)


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