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Posted Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 1:10am by Scott
Tagged: games, programming, ssc

After the recent work by spookypeanut on the Groovie engine for ScummVM, I spent a little bit of time trying to overcome these performance issues using the SdlDotNet implementation. Unfortunately, it seems things aren't much better than last time although I managed to break things in the process. Initially, I wasn't incrementing the surface pointer correctly followed by incorrect colour assignments. I got there in the end although there's still some minor opcode fill issues for the VDX files as shown on the 4th shot below - notice the rather jagged bottom of the "photo" in the book?


I might trial using pointers with the XNA framework next to see if that makes any noticeable difference. I've also noticed many searches for T7G and Vista coming via my blog - to those who read this, you can try out dosbox or the windows patch although neither were particularly stable for me.

I've also been working on V3 of this website as rather than uni work. Things are mostly ready in the front-end (excluding image gallery) and I'll update this site once I finalise it. The back-end will need more work for a few of the less commonly changed settings but I don't want to delay the upgrade. I'm working on a new theme for it as well but short on ideas - the progress so far is still looking a little drab.

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)


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