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Posted Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 11:00pm by Scott
Tagged: everyday

Another year down - it all goes so fast! Even worse is I'm strugging to think of all the things that have happened since my last post 'update' post in June - although I guess my Twitter stream could help there.

I guess the major achievement in the second half of the year was getting back into an exercise routine. I initially got my old bike brought down from my parents and rode that for a few weeks - the first ride left me crumpled on the lounge for a good hour and it was only 5km long however that slowly increased each weekend. A month after starting, I could push out 20km in an hour - not bad for the heavy old mountain bike I had. It was about that point I decided to upgrade as well - a new 'end of season' hybrid, which I've been absolutely enjoying - even going on 2 or 3 hour rides now. (Side note: Strava is an awesome online service to track rides online, and is currently also branching out to runs/walks too).

Weather warmed up, more cycling (with a bit of sailing mixed in), Relay for Life came and went (Strava says I walked just shy of 20km) and suddenly it's December! Christmas Day was fairly pleasant although a bit warm during the day. We did, however, have a nice lightning storm come through in the evening providing the chance for my sister to grab this impressive photo.

Hope everyone else had a great Christmas and New Year period too, because I know I certainly did :)


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