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Friday Photos

Posted Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 3:37pm by Scott
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It's been quite a while since the last post - 3 months it would seem - so here's a small snapshot of photos of the past few months.

Firstly, I discovered it's possible to get sunburned while surfing the net. Sounds odd, but certainly possible with combination of laptop and mobile internet. While waiting for my sister at an aquatics course back in January, I set up the laptop and was browsing the net in what I thought was the shade of the car - turns out part of my left arm and leg were showing. The view from the car was rather pleasant though.

The SA Mozzie state titles followed a few weeks later, being held this year at Point Turton. Racing on day one was rather pleasant for those involved. For us on the beach, things were slightly warm, but not enough to make it overly unpleasant.

Although Sunday morning provided a lovely opportunity for a photo, there was no wind at all, so the three races were held in conditions pretty similar to what can occur back on the lake.

Finally, my parents bought themselves a coffee machine for Christmas. After a bit of practice (ie, a few weeks over January, and then nearly a month straight in March), I got my first piece of latte art that I've been happy with.

And that just about wraps up the interesting happenings of the last few months. Hopefully I get the opportunity to post a bit more often (and have some news worthy of posting).

Stormy Weather

Posted Fri, Dec 04, 2009 at 7:24pm by Scott
Tagged: everyday

Over the past month, the weather has found itself rather confused. At the start of November, we had two weeks of summer-weather, with nearly two weeks of 35C and above. Fortunately things have since cooled down, however last week a rather severe storm hit the region.

We didn't have too much damage occur - only some smaller branches broken off the trees, however things weren't quite so mild in-town, where the wind was able to blow across the lake unimpeded.

A similar storm-front looked like it was approaching the following afternoon, but ended up being a small amount of wind and some sparse heavy rain-drops. The next photo was taken as a panorama, and can be clicked to see the full-view.

Some extra photos can be seen in the gallery.


Posted Fri, May 08, 2009 at 10:58am by Scott
Tagged: everyday

Some of the ducks that live on campus just decided to check out what I was doing :) It's still amazing how close they seem willing to get.

A New Toy

Posted Tue, May 05, 2009 at 10:34am by Scott
Tagged: everyday, water
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Just another ping-post to prove I still exist ;)

I've also recently purchased a laptop. Several years ago I could never really see the need to have one since there were plenty of computers around the place on campus, and plenty of space to work in. Unfortunately it is no longer several years ago and we've been since forced to pretty much work in the one place at uni without any decent computers to use (at least if we want to spread out - damn cost-cutting and damn first-years :P). This, in combination with the desire just for some general portable computing power for holidays (eg, Mozzie state titles) ended me up with me splurging out for one - not that I'm complaining, since it allows me to surf the net and blog from in the plaza at Uni with a coffee.

On a different topic, we've had quite a bit of rain towards the end of April - certainly a nice change although a bit more, a bit further up the river system would certainly be appreciated.

The Photo Blog

Posted Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 10:52pm by Scott
Tagged: everyday

I've been going through my phone photo collection and was interested at some of the things I'd taken photos of. I haven't posted for a little while now, so I figure this might show some insight into some of the minor things I normally wouldn't blog about. Some of you may think this is lame, but it's just for something different :P

My UNO hand while we were at Port Vincent for the Mozzie States last year. I didn't get dealt this particular hand but did proceed to pick it up when I got stuck partway through a round.

The product of one of my Christmas presents. We've actually owned a sandwich toaster (like images on right, but square rather than triangles) for a while at home, but I got given a nice sandwich press (which has a big smooth plate on the top and bottom rather than the moulded sections). For some odd reason flattened sandwiches taste much nicer :)

Product of one of my other Christmas presents. I was also given a frying pan which I've decided is a great way to make a Chicken Parmigiana on the weekend when my college accommodation doesn't provide meals. No chips due to lack of room on the plate, but not bad for around $7 all up.

Weather report in the local paper, halfway through the heatwave during January: "Very Hot", "Still Hot", "Stinking Hot". Click the image for a larger view.

How to wake up each morning. I've also recently purchased some black coffee-bags which get used on occasion. On that note, the Cinnamon Latte sachets seem to have been discontinued during last year - the two pictured are the last two I have left.

I think there's a special on. I went looking some small plastic containers at Big W a few weeks ago only to find the shelves mostly empty!

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