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The 7th Guest for Vista: An Update

Posted Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 8:36pm by Scott
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Unfortunately I haven't done a lot on this project recently as I've hit a bit of a stand still. The performance issues haven't really been looked at, primarily because it isn't my number 1 concern for the project yet, but rather trying to work out how the Groovie engine actually functions.

To try and achieve this, I fired up Notepad++ (Portable version) with the hex-editor plug-in to try and nut out the format. While I don't have much to report, I thought I'd note down what I've found so far. So far I've only really looked into script.grv. And even then, only at the bottom part of it where a heap of .grv files are listed.

Example section of script.grv

 3F jh.grv \n    2C AB 17 08 2D 00 00 00 44 00 00 45 00 00 \n    1A 02 01 B0 02 3E 17 00 15 0B 3E \n    1A 02 01 B1 0B 3E 15 AB 17 \n

Each .grv file block seems to begin with 3F followed by the file name (with terminating null) followed by 2C AB ... 45 00 00. This appears to terminate the "header". The following bytes (1A 02 01) seem to represent a property block with the property type being represented by the B0/B1/B2 byte. The next 2 bytes indicate where in the file the next block (either 1A or 3F depending on which is next) starts. The rest of the info is currently unknown although the offset within the file of the next 3F block seems to be repeatedly mentioned as well.

I'll be sure to post when I work out anything else.


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