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Return of the Aztecs - Arabia 2008

Posted Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:26am by Scott
Tagged: ai-scripting
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The Arabia 2008 AI tournament (for Age of Empires II) has now come and gone again with perhaps the largest number of entries for quite some time :) I abandoned my Teuton script, opting to start from fresh with the Mayans. Although the main tourney has been finished for a few weeks now, an unofficial round-robin play-off has been going for the top 5 scripts - all of which finished within a few points of each other.

In the primary tournament, I finished equal 14th with one other scripter which was a little lower than I had hoped however I was a little hard done by with the draw by facing 3 primarily flushing AI's which is one area where my script was still a little weak, however I won the other 2 rounds (albeit against newer scripters than myself). One or two of the games that I lost were fairly close though whereby I eventually lost since I wasn't able to train units fast enough. At the end of the day I at least now know the weaknesses I need to work on between now and the end of the year.

As for the tourney winners, VNS_Caesar (Aztec) won the play-off so congrats to VNS_Caesar as well as all the other scripters for joining :)

1v1 Arabia 07

Posted Sat, Sep 22, 2007 at 10:32pm by Scott
Tagged: ai-scripting
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And so this years Arabia tourney is brought to a conclusion. Congratulations to all involved, especially Archon and AoC_DaVe for drawing at first place.

Unfortunately I finished down near the bottom although given the level of preparation as the date drew nearer, I can't say I'm not too surprised. There were some games however I was happy with the outcome, especially against the more experienced scripters. It does seem however that last minute problems are becoming a habit of mine, with attack bugs in the 3v3 last year as well as the Arabia just now.

Hopefully I can clean my AI up somewhat for next time/next year as plans do exist - all that matter is finding the time.

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