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Home for Easter

Posted Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 7:40pm by Scott
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Easter Thursday traffic (particularly around 5pm) is a complete pain. Seriously.

After finishing my lab early and rushing back to my accommodation, I managed to drive out of the car park around 4:20pm. It then took me close to half an hour for what is normally a ten minute drive to reach one of my friends houses to pick them up. From there, we battled our way across to the other side of the city for our tea break arriving at 6:45pm. We left there at 7:15pm and settled down to sit behind a truck for the several hour drive. One RBT later (a "Random Breath Test" - my first one! They were pulling off groups of 10 or so cars at a time), we arrived home around 9:20pm meaning a travel time close to 4.5 hours.

The weekend itself was quite good. I spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday down the Yacht Club and got adequately sunburnt on the Saturday afternoon out in the rescue boat. Seems to be a habit of mine getting burnt at sailing events. Unfortunately there wasn't a lot of wind but all the "races" got in with lasagne and apple crumble for tea on the Sunday night. All in all, I think the majority of those sailing enjoyed the weekend, both on and off water.

At home on the Sunday, rumours that someone had left one of the doors open spread with no chocolate eggs located outside this year, but rather, spread throughout the lounge and dining rooms with some around the hallway and bathroom as well. The other alternative here is that the Easter Bunny found the cat-flap this year.

I also took the time for a trip around the lake to see the effects lack of water. While not a lot had changed from last time, there was a 10 or 15cm drop which was noticeable around the tree stumps. Part way around the lake provided some quite appealing photo opportunities as well (photos at end of post).

Eventually the weekend had to come to a close so my friends were dropped off at our place and we left around 12:45pm. The drive back wasn't nearly as hectic as the one up was with myself opting to just sit out the slower cars until an overtaking lane (leaving adequate room in front of me), but even still, we saw some rather risky overtaking manoeuvres performed by other cars. Upon reaching the city again, things didn't slow down very much with a fairly clear run through and after dropping my friends back off, I arrived back around 4:10pm. Around an hour less than in reverse direction a few days earlier.

Of course, the only issue I can see now is a lack of hot cross buns for another 11 months...

And now for the other lake photos. Full view here and here.

Did other people get up to much?


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