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Posted Sun, May 25, 2008 at 2:42pm by Scott
Tagged: everyday, on-the-net, uni

And now for something a little different - yesterday I partook in a "geohash". Simply put, it generates a random location to meet up with other strangers (who, most likely, also follow the comic). Yesterday wasn't too long a drive for me so I went along to find a few other people also show up - we had a little bit of a chat then disbanded (but only after my friend accidentally set my car alarm off). Now for the comic to explain it:

There's a wiki to explain a bit more of the details as well as locate local groups along with an interactive map but don't go along expecting people other than people working or studying in the fields of math/science/engineering or other geek or nerd-like activities :p

I'm also just posting to let people know I'm still around - currently Uni is a bit of a pain with assignments and reports due but I'm sure I'll get through them one day at a time. It's already less than 3 weeks until swotvac starts which means exams aren't too far away. I've only got two this year, but there are also two "tests" the week before that which could prove difficult.


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