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Posted Mon, Jul 07, 2008 at 10:29pm by Scott
Tagged: games, programming, scummvm, uni

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What can I say? 3 hours knocking up the core code and slightly modifying my GJD/VDX readers in C# gives me this useful little tool - a GJD browser. Basically, it scans a directory (specified on first-run) which contains the GJD and RL files from The 7th Guest and provides an interface to access the VDXs within. These can then be played as normally seen in-game, audio or video played separate, or even step through each frame individually - should come in useful when trying to get some of the puzzles working when I can see how the separate VDX frames start - and then work out how they should mix together.

Oh, and my last exam went well enough so at least that's done with for another semester. Or two - I've got work placement all this semester coming up so no exams at the end of the year. Only two x-thousand word reports and a seminar to present about it or something like that... *sigh*


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