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According to Plan

Posted Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 11:38am by Scott
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Isn't it nice when things go according to plan? Considering this was meant to be posted 2 weeks ago, I'm not doing a bad job :P

Not much ended up happening through December other than starting my summer work and Christmas. Fortunately my summer job lasted longer than expected so although I didn't have much spare time off after starting, it was nice to re-fill the bank balance slightly. The arrival of January marked the start of the year, and also (oddly enough) the start of a rather annoying 3-week stretch of hot weather (ignoring 15th-18th of Jan).

This hot weather also coincided with the Mosquito National Titles (held in Wallaroo this year) - somehow the two always seem to start in the exact same week as each-other, regardless of when in the month they actually occur. I didn't end up going but I heard the sand blown by the wind was extremely irritating for the spectators.

January continued without much of interest before turning into February and bringing the second half of the Mozzie State Titles (as continuation from Pt Vincent in late last year). A rather enjoyable weekend was had from our perspective, and I managed to get sunburned yet again (backs of legs and a little bit on the arms this time). Facilities were about the only complaint to be had (the blue tent was the clubhouse):

Uni started early this year due to one topic running from Feb till April rather than in Semester 1, so I moved back down to Adelaide on the 12th instead of 22nd so I had a fairly quiet week or so from then until O Week started. O Week Tuesday afternoon (and Wednesday morning) were taken up by a LAN organised within our engineering year level which provided a nice way to relax before the beginning of a new year.

On a different note, T7G is supported in the new 0.13.0 release of ScummVM :)


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