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A New Toy

Posted Tue, May 05, 2009 at 10:34am by Scott
Tagged: everyday, water

Just another ping-post to prove I still exist ;)

I've also recently purchased a laptop. Several years ago I could never really see the need to have one since there were plenty of computers around the place on campus, and plenty of space to work in. Unfortunately it is no longer several years ago and we've been since forced to pretty much work in the one place at uni without any decent computers to use (at least if we want to spread out - damn cost-cutting and damn first-years :P). This, in combination with the desire just for some general portable computing power for holidays (eg, Mozzie state titles) ended me up with me splurging out for one - not that I'm complaining, since it allows me to surf the net and blog from in the plaza at Uni with a coffee.

On a different topic, we've had quite a bit of rain towards the end of April - certainly a nice change although a bit more, a bit further up the river system would certainly be appreciated.


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