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Labyrinthitis (or how to get motion sickness without physically moving)

Posted Sun, Jul 11, 2010 at 9:02pm by Scott
Tagged: everyday

Labyrinthitis. Not a topic I'd have expected to bring up in this blog again at all, let alone in such a short time-frame. After reading many of the other accounts of people (particularly here) who are diagnosed, I also feel lucky.

I've been 'hit' three times now - the first of which was the worst (even before the fact it was just prior to Christmas). For the first few days, movement was limited to crawling, eyes closed, with shoulder and head sliding along the wall. Each day would find me feeling a bit better, but it was quite a long week - even on day 9, there was some after-effects. The second time ~2 years later wasn't as bad. Walking was possible - as long as I had a hand against something, and recovery was shorter, but it was still a tough week.

Now, just short of 2 years later I get a third dose - or at least that's my first-hand diagnosis given the symptoms. This time around seems to be even less-severe. Walking has been uncomfortable and the worst of the symptoms lasted only Friday evening and all of Saturday. Though today is only 'day 2 or 3', I've been able to do most things without too much trouble.

Even though I've (seemingly) had it fairly easy, hopefully three times is enough... they say bad things come in 3's, don't they? Otherwise, Autumn 2012 - here we come.


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