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Summer Fun, Part 2

Posted Sun, Mar 04, 2012 at 6:46pm by Scott
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Time for part two of my summer summary.

Weather this month has been mixed - some cool days, some damp days (including more than 20mm for Feb 29!), back to summer weather again for the second half of the month, and plenty of wind around. Has kept me off the bike a little but I've tried to counteract that with longer rides. Total km for February only reached 424 however distance per ride was a bit higher. On the other hand, today I clocked up my second 100km ride - kinda makes up for the lower km count last month :) I also managed 158km before first puncture (repaired and put back on the bike later that day) - much better than my record on my hybrid (puncture at 5km).

If I had to choose one thing, the highlight of the month would have to be the first of the BikeSA Grand Slam series.

The first of these was some 80km starting from Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. Given I'm used to riding around on flat road, I wasn't sure how I'd go in the hills however turned out I needn't have worried. according to the official report, there were some 572 riders on the road, and it was absolutely incredible to see at the start while everyone was together. The number of bikes also made the first 10km fairly interesting with people changing speed a lot with the terrain - I found I was passing quite a few people on the climbs while others would pass me on the descents. There were a few tougher climbs throughout the circuit (Strava track) however the day was really enjoyable and I'm looking forward to the next one in April. 200km in October still seems a little daunting however still a few months until October to build up to it :P


Random mundane tidbit for the month:

After three months, my 'hobby' room floor is actually clean again :)

Seriously! I have proof!


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Posted Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 11:28pm by Robbert Jhon

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